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Textile Technology

Textile Technology

Textiles and clothing are among the most important sectors of the Turkish economy and foreign trade. There are more than 40,000 textile and clothing companies in Turkey with an estimated workforce of 750,000 employees. Thus, it has significant importance to have high schools, vocational school to train qualified staff who can work in this leading sector.

Apparel Production Technology programme aims to educate and train qualified human resources who are professionalised about the clothing art, clothing design, clothing production and management, and who can work in the fields of production planning, product management, product follow up and merchandising. Throughout the education both theory and practice of the sector is given either via lessons on the schedule or applied lessons at the workshop.

Education Period

Education period is 2 years (with industrial training) and 40 students are accepted to the programme every year.

Students graduate from the school with 120 ECTS credits.


The program focuses on strengthening of key technological functions of apparel industry and understanding of industrial engineering and ergonomic techniques.

The emphasis is on the basic principles of cloth production, ready wear production processes, textile and garment materials and properties, cloth pattern production, computer programmes (CAD / CAM) used in clothing industry, preparing technical reports, and preparing projects.

Our alumni should have:

* ability to learn and process the needed techniques for textile apparel manufacturing

* occupational knowledge and terminology at textile technology and apparel fields

* ability to plan and identify working process and manufacturing steps in textile apparel fields

* ability to know and use the basic materials used in textile apparel

Occupational Profiles of Graduates

Apparel Production Technician can work in various departments of textile and ready wear firms,

* Production management and planning,

* Product research and development,

* Model application, development and design

* Quality control department

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